About Us

T.A.S. OVERSEAS INVESTMENTS LIMITED is a financial holding company headquartered in Cyprus, Nicosia. T.A.S. OVERSEAS INVESTMENTS LIMITED is a part of TAS Group , large Ukrainian holding owns by founder and main shareholder Mr. Sergiy Tigipko.

Through its insurance carrier subsidiaries, T.A.S. OVERSEAS INVESTMENTS LIMITED provides all kinds of insurance services throughout the Ukraine. Our competitive advantage lies in our long-term strategy of decentralized operations, allowing each of our units to identify and respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions and local customer needs. This decentralized structure provides financial accountability and incentives to local management and enables us to attract and retain the highest caliber professionals.

We have the expertise and resources to utilize our strengths in the present environment, and the flexibility to anticipate, innovate and respond to whatever opportunities and challenges the future may hold.

As an innovative company, TAS Group conducts its business in accordance with modern international standards, ensuring high levelsof profitability of the share capital, facilitating the development of markets in which it is present and responding to the demands and needs of all clients.

The key to successful development of the Group is its continuous refinement, commitment to advanced technologies and management practices, and involvement of highly qualified specialists and professional consultants with extensive experience and profound knowledge. At the same time the most important asset of the Group is the united team of associates who combine company’s corporate values with focus on leadership. We are young, ambitious and successful.

We are constantly learning, and every day we offer our business partners the best solutions for cooperation and wellbeing. The effectiveness of our work is measured not only by our financial performance but also by the positive reputation of the Group in its markets.

We Have Experienced Advisory Board Team